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Terahertz Frequency Therapy

  • 1 h
  • 85 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

It is believed that most "dis-ease" comes from frequent exposure to cold and can get stored in our body. Ancient cultures believed that keeping warm helped keep us healthy This new treatment uses cutting-edge technology and ancient healing methods combined to create warmth and help • Eliminate unhealthy cells in the body • Activatecells to increase regeneration • Clear Meridians and Lymphatic System • Activate and stimulate nerve endings • Regulate endocrine glands • Remove excess body water (water weight) • Remove toxins & harmful substances and radicals from the body (internal/external) • Regulate internal organs & the immune system • Replenish Aura Energy • Aid in repair of damaged cells & tissues • Reduce pain and inflammation • Hormonal balance • Stress • Anxiety • Vertigo • TMJ • Migrane The new iTera Care device combines Terahertz Wave Energy with Scalar Wave and Optical Quartz technology •Terahertz Wave Energy resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second thus activating healthy & dormant cells, while eliminating unhealthy cells & free radicals. Terahertz is a stone used in crystal healing to reduce inflammation and help stimulate the "Chi" in your body (vital life force) •Scalar Wave Energy energizes cells, balances bodily systems, strengthens the body, produces waves of energy that help move and penetrates deeper into the vital organs allowing the lymphatic system to function at its optimal level •Optical Quartz amplifies the energy generated by the warmth produced by the device, creating a more powerful result (mimics 1/40 of sunlight's UV energy). This strengthens your auric fields and helps boost your energy and therfore, uplifts your mood During your session, therapist will use the device along the meridians of the body associated with your area of concern, and may also use stretching movements and oils to help you acheive desired results. This session can be done fully clothed, so please wear comfortable attire and please bring socks Disclaimer - Terahertz Wave Energy has been cleared as safe to use. Results are not guaranteed but the testimonials have been phenomenal and speak for themselves. Please be advised that this treatment is not intended for use during pregnancy, those with pacemakers or anyone taking blood thinners for heart conditions. If you have any metal implants, please inform the therapist to avoid working those areas with the wand.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life can happen but please notify a cancelation at least 24 hours in advance. There is no refund if you miss your appointment or cancel last minute. Late arrivals exceeding 15 minutes is a cancelation as it disrupts the flow of the next session and day. Thank you for your understanding

Contact Details

  • 31921 Camino Capistrano #19, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

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